Pump, UV, Filters, and pond products

How We Got Started

My uncle is related to the Sky and Land Corp. owner they’re a division of W. Lim Corporation management.

They’re investors who invest money into SkynLand Corp., distributors of W. Lim products private label AquaWavePumps and AaquaStarPumps for W. Lim corporation; that’s why you can count on their quality. That’s one reason we have a fish pond.

No one was able to help us clear the water. The contractor was not able to get clear water and the energy consumption pump. Our electric bill was so high, until we bumped into Mr. Lim the get into SkynLand Corporation. I also understand Mr. Lim has the knowledge to save electricity and produce a UV and filter to match to produce energy consumption and crystal clear water.

That’s why my uncle wants me to help promote marketing to help pay-off my school loan.

I like the product that can help save a huge amount of money every month. I saw the way they produced a Filter System. They have their own engineer to provide the service to maintain the quality product to save the customer. If there’s any other information we can provide I would be happy to help you in anyway way we can.